Should you view obesity as a negative? Why?

Should you view obesity as a negative? Why? I would be surprised if you don’t. If you are one of those few people who belong to the ‘woke culture' believing in fat acceptance and all those toxic things spread around, you are propelling towards a slow death. Obesity is one step ahead of just being fat in general. You have excess fat. Your BMI is all over the place. Should I call that positive in any way? C’mon give me a break. Yes, no one has the right to body shame and make you feel lesser o

What is one trait that separates the Extraordinary from a Mediocre?

A few months back I was reading a book named “The Golden Rules” by Bob Bowman. You might already know him as the coach of the Swimming phenomena, Michael Phelps. The book was mainly surrounded by how Bob turned Michael from an average swimmer to the greatest of all time. Michael used to train for 365 days for straight 5–6 years without a gap of a single day! They say if you take a one-day gap in swimming, it takes you two days to recover. Michael ruled out that option altogether pretty much i

What is the best time to exercise? (Research-Based!)

In this fast-paced day and age, making time for exercise can be a bit challenging. With the advancement of technology, we cannot help ourselves much but sit for hours at a stretch staring at our screens. Doesn’t matter whether you are an IT professional working in a company, a work-from-home employee, or just a lazy ass on the couch, the rules that govern your overall health remain the same. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, fixing exercise time is very crucial to get the best resu

If you had only 15 minutes to sharpen your mind, what would you do?

Listen to me on this one. Grab a pencil/pen with your non-dominant hand and open the back page of your rough copy. Now, write a sentence ideally of 4–5 words. I usually write ‘My name is Ankit' or ‘I am the greatest.’ Start from the top line of the page and replicate the same line all the way down until you reach the bottom line of the page. When you will write with your non-dominant hand, with every difficulty you will feel like quitting this ‘non-sense' task and utilize your time into some